How to make a cappuccino

How to make a cappuccino

One for the foam-lovers - the classic cappuccino is a glorious Italian-style combination of strong espresso and thick, frothy milk - topped with a sprinkle of chocolate. Our guide gives you the lowdown on achieving the kind of cappuccino perfection that any barista would be proud of.

You’ll need:

  • 19g finely-ground Pact Coffee
  • Espresso or bean-to-cup machine
  • Milk of choice
  • Tamper
  • Medium-sized milk jug 
  • Your favourite mug (preferably 8oz)
  • 1 teaspoon of high-quality cocoa powder (optional)


Fill your portafilter basket to the top with Pact Coffee – approximately 19g.


Using a tamper, apply even pressure to the grounds ensuring the coffee puck is even and flat.


Place your portafilter into the espresso machine - then place your mug under the machine and make your espresso shot so it pours directly into it.


Fill the milk jug to just below the bottom of the spout. A cappuccino calls for thicker foam – this means we need to ‘stretch’ the milk by steaming it for longer. TOP TIP: If you’re using dairy milk, we recommend full fat whole milk. If using plant-based milk, go for a Barista version of oat milk.


Place the tip of the steam wand into the middle of the milk and submerge the tip slightly. Tilt the jug slightly to one side and turn the wand on to full power. Keep lowering the jug as the foam rises, until you have roughly 50-60% of what we started out with.


Once you have successfully stretched the milk, submerge the wand so that no more air is introduced but the milk continues to heat. Once it feels hot, turn off the steam.


Give your milk jug a firm tap on the surface to burst any large air bubbles and swirl the milk around in the jug until it becomes glossy.


Now it’s time for the fun part! Hold your cup in one hand, tilt it towards your jug and pour your milk foam directly and steadily into the centre of your espresso - maintaining a consistent pouring speed.


Ideally you will end up with a white foam centre with an espresso ring around the edge. Add an optional chocolate dusting and ta-da! Your cappuccino is ready to enjoy.

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