Introducing, Limited Edition Finca Pact

Introducing, Limited Edition Finca Pact

Introducing, Limited Edition Finca Pact

Posted on 14-09-2021
By Zell

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We’re delighted to welcome to our menu the outstanding Limited Edition Finca Pact. It’s a particular favourite of ours - and not just because it’s been named after yours truly! With flavour notes reminiscent of a classic British baked apple flapjack and all the evident love and care put into it by Victoria and Mariano de Jesus - this is a cup you won’t want to miss.

Designed by Giselle Johnson

The gorgeous Finca Pact tin, tea towel and cup has been designed by recent Pact competition winner, Giselle Johnson.

The competition arose as we were approached by next-generation learning partner You Can Now, to collaborate with university students. As we’re always seeking fresh designs and were so impressed by students’ work from previous competitions, we were very happy to jump on board. Out of over 200 entrants of an exceptionally high standard, Giselle Johnson won with work that really encapsulates what we do at source - together with an absolutely stunning use of colour. In addition to being paid a fee, Giselle won a years supply of coffee - and we’re thrilled to share her designs with you now.

Giselle says: “It’s been such an enjoyable experience to work on this project. To create my entry I went through an extensive process of sketching out concepts using photos of Pact farmers and their farmlands as a reference. My motto in life is: trust your creativity.”

Why we think you’ll love Finca Pact

The luxurious tasting notes evoke memories of buttery apple flapjacks, topped with lashings of the richest dark chocolate. The crisp apple acidity strikes an ideal balance with a light, syrupy mouthfeel. The result is an exceptionally well balanced, medium-roast offering from Honduras, one that will have you savouring every last sip. 

Meet the growers

Pictured: Victoria with our Head of Coffee, Will Corby

When it comes to Victoria and Mariano, coffee is a family business. We have a longstanding relationship with Victoria, and her coffee - which is always outstanding - makes a welcome annual appearance on our menu. 

Long-term relationships with farmers such as Victoria, along with our Direct Trade model, allow us to pay farmers on average 65% above the Fairtrade base rate. Victoria used the premium she received from the first year we bought her coffee to purchase a coffee farm for her son, Mariano. The farm needed a lot of work to get it in working order again and they spent the next 3 years renovating it.

They named the farm Finca Pact in our honour and its exceptional quality is testament to Victoria and Mariano’s labour of love.

Commenting on the working relationship with Pact, Victoria said, “It has improved my business a lot. We are now secure in the knowledge that someone is interested in our product, which makes us feel safe. I will always work with coffee but I hope I will continue with the security of Pact as a client forever.”

Ready to taste Finca Pact for yourself?

Treat your tastebuds to a truly magnificent coffee - buy Finca Pact today. Alternatively, bundle up and receive a gorgeously designed tea towel and cup with your coffee, with The Finca Pact Collection.