What on earth is a V60?

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  A V-What now? Let’s get some clarity. If you google “V60,” it’s a phone, a car, and a coffee maker! The V60 we like here at Pact isn’t the Volvo although we can appreciate that it is a fine sports-wagon. We prefer the sleek exterior of the Hario-made V60, hailing from Japan. In Japanese ‘hario’ means “The King […]

V60 Starter Kit Offer

Yet to try Pact? Give Pact’s fresh coffee deliveries a go and get a FREE coffee making kit with this voucher code!

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Love coffee? Want to try a great new way of making coffee at home? If you’ve found your way here we’re pretty sure you’re a yes-to-both kind of person (our favourite kind) and we have a trial offer we think you’ll love. Read on, it may change the way you see coffee! So what’s in the offer? […]