Are your coffees flavoured?

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Artificial coffee flavouring isn’t something we believe at Pact. The brilliant thing about great coffees like the ones we sell is that they have flavours that occur naturally. So in short, no, our coffees aren’t flavoured, but we understand where the confusion comes from, so we’d like to explain it a bit more. You might have noticed […]


A star on the rise (plus we launched our first TV ad)…

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This is Matt (well, a corner of Matt’s head). Officially, he’s our Operations Manager. Unofficially, he’s Pact’s resident model-slash-star on the rise. We like to snap pictures of him whenever we can. And you can see why! He’s very photogenic.    Here’s a picture of his hands having a coffee with Pohlin’s hands. (She’s a […]

Bibi (2)

The coffee that launched a thousand puns…

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Well, technically it wasn’t 1,000, but when the delightful Bibi Plantation from the Coorg Hills of Southern India returned to our menu recently our Twitter lit up with some seriously punny behaviour. If you’ll allows us to break it down play-by-play. What started with a Tweet and a little giveaway…  It seems Patrick Swayze and Jennifer […]