Corrego Dantas: raising the reputation of its area

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Names mean a lot. Champagne and Cornish Clotted Cream, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Yorkshire Wensleydale. When you go to these product’s origins (and namesakes), that quality of flavour and the places themselves become intrinsically linked in your mind. There’s a reason there are laws against mislabelling sparkling wine from outside the area as “Champagne”, because reputation holds […]

Nothing to be shy about… meet our first Gold Standard coffee!

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Now and then, we find an incredibly special coffee. And since our Head of Coffee is so good at hunting them down, we decided they all needed their own category! Introducing Gold Standard – coffees that are game-changers, taste-makers or just simply delicious. The Nyiramasoni Donatille is the perfect first example with cuttingly clear blackcurrant […]

Welcome back, Nyaruszia Ngara!

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What’s that delicious aroma on the wind? I’m getting juicy pineapple and delicious blackberry, and it seems to be coming from our roastery… which can only mean one thing. Nyaruszia Ngara is back. Winner of a Great Taste award in 2018 (deemed to be “simply delicious” by food ‘n’ drink boffins), it’s upholding its status […]