Welcome back, Nyaruszia Ngara!

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What’s that delicious aroma on the wind? I’m getting juicy pineapple and delicious blackberry, and it seems to be coming from our roastery… which can only mean one thing. Nyaruszia Ngara is back. Winner of a Great Taste award in 2018 (deemed to be “simply delicious” by food ‘n’ drink boffins), it’s upholding its status […]

3 Reasons Why Geisha Isn’t Always That Great

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Its name is problematic Despite the name, there is no link between geisha coffee and Japan. It actually comes from the variety’s origins in Ethiopia, namely the Gesha region, where it was recorded by British colonialists in the 1950s. How coffee from Gesha became geisha coffee has been much discussed. It could have been a […]

The 2018 Pact Coffee Gift Guide

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It’s almost here, everybody. The most wonderful, albeit expensive, time of the year. But before the big day, there’s some hard graft ahead of you. Hours of traipsing around department stores, scrolling through Amazon sales and weighing up whether it’s alright to give Uncle Steve a novelty toiletries set for the third year in a […]