The ultimate guide to (everyone’s) Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year. Restaurants are surreptitiously marking up their menu prices, supermarkets look unusually floral and pink-tinged, and every website you visit is adorned with little heart graphics. It can provoke a lot of feelings… but we’ve got you covered, whether you’re loved up or anti-amorous encounters.

Celebrate with our limited edition Los Alpes…

If you’re single and loving it

You’re living your best life. Most evenings you’re out volunteering or at swing dancing lessons, or out for drinks with the gang, or catching that impromptu unplugged gig your favourite band just announced. Time is your asset, and you’re making the very most of it.

You’ve got options for V-Day. Assemble the troops to make the most of the ‘romantic’ set menu offer at your fave food place (and make bored couples jealous of how much fun you’re having), head to one of those ironic events celebrating your collective freedom with a themed quiz or dance night… or simply have a ‘you’ night.

Candle-adorned bubble bath, bottle of bubbly, a nice steak you could afford because you’re only buying one… bliss.


If you’re single and hating it

You’re dreading the most artificially romantic day of the year. Recently separated, lifelong singleton or unrequited love victim, it’s not going to be a fun time for you. So there’s two options…

  1. Take note from Single and Loving It’s self-care evening and focus on yourself. Fall in love with who you are… because you’re worth it! And hey, a little indulgence in the form of a tub of Haagen Dazs is probably warranted.
  2. Ignore, deny, isolate. Hurry home from work, pretending the moony eyed couples heading out for steak don’t exist, and lock yourself in. Cook a normal dinner, pick a good boxset and let the day pass with giving it a moment’s thought. Because it’s just a made-up holiday, anyway!


If you’re single and… fine

You don’t define yourself by your relationship status, in negative or positive terms. You’re probably not even thinking about it at all. So… carry on!


If you’re in that awkward in-between stage

You’ve had a couple of Tinder-instigated dates, or had an ambiguous drink out with a colleague, or an ill-advised dalliance with a housemate one cold December night… and Valentine’s is here to force you to confront ‘what this is’.

Solution: get them a wry, jokey card that is easily explained away as ironic if it doesn’t go down too well. Or casually invite them out for a pint and exclaim “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day?! How funny” when you walk in and see the crepe paper decorations everywhere – chances are it’ll force an uncomfortable but necessary discussion about matters of the heart.

The ill-advised alternative? Ignore them all day, overindulge on wine with the pals and drunk text them at midnight telling them you want to “get serious”. Don’t do that.


If you’re coupled up, but hate Valentine’s

Maybe you’re a practical pair, less couple-y than you are content to do your own thing. Maybe you’re desperately gooey eyed, but anti-commercialised holidays. Or you just hate crap, over-priced meals out Either way, good for you – eschewing social norms isn’t easy.

The best thing to do is to spend a fraction of the money you would have spent on flowers, chocolates, three-course dining and glittery nonsense on the ultimate night in. Get your oldest, most stained PJs on, queue up the new Nordic drama you’re both so into and order in a curry. Bliss.


If you’re coupled up, but one of you hates Valentine’s

Is this what they mean when they take about irreconcilable differences? One of you is dreaming about sending or receiving bouquets of red roses to the office, and creme brulee in a candle-filled corner of a restaurant. The other one would literally rather leave you then head out on the 14th February.

Hopeless romantic and the grouch, or cheesy saddo and the realist – however you look at it, there’s gonna be tension. The answer? Compromise.

V-Day haters, take the middle ground by cooking your other half a slap-up meal. Throw a candle in there, it really won’t hurt you – but they’ll be tickled pink that you’re acknowledging the ‘holiday of love’ even a little bit.

V-Day lovers, relax. It’s easy, just trick them into some kind of celebration with the promise of something they like – Die Hard marathons (with a bottle of bubbly), early nights (with some fancy lingerie ready and waiting…), pudding (but sat at the table with wine, not on the sofa). Easy peasy.


If you’re coupled up and LOVE Valentine’s

Well boy oh boy, your day has come! You’ve temporarily deepened your pockets, bought a new outfit for the occasion, put something delicious on ice – you don’t need us to tell you what to do! Celebrate your love is the cheesiest, sappiest, most public way possible – it’s your night, after all – and take it to the next level with one of our Valentine’s Bundles…


Pact Coffee Valentine’s Gifts

Los Alpes

Take it from Will:

“Delicate cantaloupe melon and honey notes form the key flavours in this cup, gently followed by a long, lingering toffee aftertaste developed through the roast. The sweetness, again, reminds me of ripe fruit and honey, pairing perfectly with the mild grape-like acidity and silky mouthfeel.”

‘Nuff said, right?

The ‘Clever Gifting’ bundle

Give them a bag of the mouth-wateringly tasty Los Alpes, and a way to brew it!

The Clever Dripper combines the consistency of cafetiere brewing with the clean taste of the drip filter method. Psst… it can be used to brew two cups so it’s a sneaky gift for you too! Clever, huh.

The ‘I Heart Brew’ bundle

Treat them to 250g of Los Alpes, and an Aeropress to brew it with.

Created by the inventor of the frisbee, this travel-friendly brewing tool makes a great cup wherever they are. A perfect way to say ‘I heart brew’ to your coffee boo.

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