Christmas Day Coffee Pairings – from turkey to Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

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It’s a long day, Christmas. Whether you’re out in the morning to church services, or dozing ‘till midday on the sofa while the kids frantically unwrap your offerings, you’ll need a regular caffeine hit to make sure you’re not totally wiped out by the big day.

And you know we’ve got a coffee to accompany every instance of festive binge-eating:


Stockings are being ripped upon, and it’s still dark outside – time to start the clock. Are you gonna go for something ‘light’ (but not really) like smoked salmon and cream cheese? Then we’d suggest something like our light roasted Honduran La Valentina. Delicate peach and blackcurrant flavours will complement, rather than overpower!

More of a full on ‘full English’ sort of person? There’s a choice to be made – another light roast would work well with scrambled eggs, but bacon and sausages demand a darker roast – a good opportunity to ‘festify’ it up with our Christmas Blend. The spiced fruit notes will pair perfectly with a plate full of delicious grease!

Mid-morning Quality Street sesh:

It’s inevitable. The potatoes are taking an age to roast, and you need something to keep you going until then. Enter about £100 worth of selection boxes, novelty ‘reindeer poop’ chocolates and Toblerone. You’ll need to take the edge off all that sweetness with a coffee!

And we’ve got some pairing advice here too! Strawberry cream? Match it with a fruity Rwandan number, like our Ubumwe Kigoma. Craving a box of Black Magic? Go for a classic dark roasted Brazilian, like our Great Taste award-winning Planalto.

Christmas dinner:

The main event! The big one! Crunchy roast potatoes, glazed parsnips, tender turkey, lashings of gravy – it’s almost enough to make you weep with joy. Time to change into your stretchy pyjama bottoms, or at least pop the top button of your jeans.

And again, you’ll want something light and bright to pair it with – the leanness of turkey would go well with the blackcurrant-y freshness of the Kigoma Espresso, or almost any citrusy/fruity African coffees. But again, that rich gravy might be crying out for a dark roast – your call!

Evening cheese board:

You know that moment? Where you’re the fullest you ever thought it possible for a human to be? Sweating gravy, smeared with caramel, lying listlessly on the sofa? That’s the moment where you can’t even the contemplate the idea of food being enjoyable. And… then the cheese board comes out.

Why is there always room for cheese? Who knows. It’s not worth questioning it – just choose the right cheeses to complement a reviving cup of joe. That’s right, this time we’re choosing cheeses to pair with coffee, rather than vice versa. Go for the sweeter ones – cheddar, cranberry-studded Wensleydale, apricot Stilton. Then sit back, sip up and… breathe! It’s over.

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