Coffee Gift Set Guide – Christmas 2018

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It’s almost here, everybody. The most wonderful, albeit expensive, time of the year. But before the big day, there’s some hard graft ahead of you. Hours of traipsing around department stores, scrolling through Amazon sales and weighing up whether it’s alright to give Uncle Steve a novelty toiletries set for the third year in a row.

But no stress. We got you.


What to get for…

The newly graduated student

The coffee newbie gift set

Once you were sending them off all misty eyed, car full of Sainsbury’s Basics range crockery and off-brand pot noodles. Ready to enter the world of doing their own washing up and cooking, while they studied 18th century poetry or biomedical science.

Now? They’ve finally graduated, got their first ‘grown up’ job and living in a slightly nicer houseshare than they were before. It’s time they put childish things behind them – namely, instant coffee granules.

Give them the ‘speciality starter kit’ – a V60 coffee dripper and two bags of our Christmas Blend. This coffee has notes of mince pie, rather than just tasting of pure caffeine, and the V60 brewing method will make them feel like the sophisticated, responsible taxpayer they now are.


The cycle tourer or business class jetsetter

On-the-go solo gift set

They’re in Lycra or Gore-Tex 90% of time – cycling in Europe, camping in the Cairngorms, hiking up Ben Nevis – and only have so much room in their pack for something as frivolous as brewing equipment.

But the Aeropress might just be the slimline sipsmith of their dreams. Durable plastic, takes up little space and produces one quality cup of coffee so they can brew on the move. And again, they’ll get two bags of Christmas coffee for all those wintery walks.

This bundle is also perfect for the businessperson in your life – travelling to conferences means suffering through sad sachets of instant coffee in equally sad hotel rooms. Give them something they can put in their suitcase to make life on the road a little easier.


The gadget gal or gourmet guy

Coffee connoisseur gift set

She’s got one of those camera drones that she pulls out at every opportunity. Or at the very least a Go-Pro. A house fitted with all the smart devices anyone could dream of, she loves a clever bit of gadgetry.

And he’s the sort that turns his nose up at high street shops, listens to bands you’ve never heard of (“really, you don’t know them?!”) but always throws an admittedly incredible dinner party.

Guess what? The Clever Dripper will make them both happy. It’s, well, clever design allows complete control over the extraction time and is pressure sensitive, so it won’t start dripping until it’s placed on a mug. Perfect for flavour fanatics and mechanically minded people!


The couple that’s been together since school

Christmas couples’ gift set

Maybe they’re the cutesy hand-holding sort – shared online calendars, shared Instagram account, shared toothbrush. Almost totally unwilling to break their loving eye contact long enough to look at that hilarious video you just found on Facebook, damn it Pam!

Or maybe they’re just the sort that have been together so long, that you sort of suspect they literally see each other as part of the furniture – a scuffed leather sofa, or paint-splattered dining room chair perhaps.

Either way, this gift set is a perfect way to cross both their names off your list at the same time. The Moka Stovetop will make exactly two cups of perfect coffee (in this case, our mince pie flavoured Christmas coffee) because three is always a crowd.


The ‘I make puff pastry from scratch’ pal

The ultimate coffee aficionado kit

Ready rolled? Pah! They’d always, always, always make a white sauce from scratch – they find the idea of a jar of béchamel as repulsive as a Rustlers burger is to normal people. They own a full cocktail kit and home bar, they make their own jam, they even tile their own bathrooms. Because you only know something is really quality if you’ve made it yourself.

And if that describes someone you know, we’ve got you sorted. This gift set is absolutely everything a real coffee obsessive needs. They’ll have complete control with a hand grinder for the freshest coffee possible, and scales to make sure they’re using the right ratios for extraction. And the Aeropress lets them use all that gear to make themselves a well-deserved, perfectly crafted cup of Christmas Blend coffee.


Anyone who loves coffee and/or Christmas

Christmas Blend

It’s coffee, it’s Christmassy – what more could you possibly want? Perfect for stocking fillers, Secret Santa, as part of a homemade hamper (if you’re that way inclined) or, y’know what? You could even just grab a bag for yourself – you’ve been generous enough this year!


Pact Coffee are proud to be fuelling Shelter’s emergency helpline advisers over Christmas, to support people struggling with homelessness. We will donate 50p from every Christmas product sold to Shelter*.

*All donations + VAT will be donated to Shelter Trading which donates all taxable profits to Shelter (Registered charity no. 263710).

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