COMPETITION ALARM: Now recruiting… for the 6am army!

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Maybe you’re the sort who marches out of the house at 5.30am, leaving hospital corners and a just-washed coffee cup behind you – you’re a gym bag-swinging, lunchbox-packing woman or man on a mission.

…Or maybe your mornings go a little differently. More sloth than special forces, more duffer in a duvet than machine in the officer’s mess. You tumble out of bed ten minutes after you were meant to get on the bus, barely buttoned up and without anything you need to successfully get through the day. Sans Oyster card, sans phone charger, sans door pass, sans everything.

Well, either way, we’re teaming up with Simba, Moju, Dollar Shave Club and Waldo to step your mornings up a level… no matter where you’re at right now.

Just head to this page for the chance to win the following:

  • A Simba Hybrid Mattress
  • A year’s subscription to Dollar Shave Club
  • A year’s supply of Moju energy shots
  • A year’s supply of Waldo contact lenses

And, of course, a year’s supply of Pact Coffee!

Just imagine it. No more days stumbling, stubbled and bespectacled, out of the house, yawning your way through the day thanks to a bad night’s sleep and no chance for an energy boost. Nope. Just a year’s worth of great starts to the day… now that’s something we all need!

As long as you’re 18 or over, based in the UK and remember to enter before the 7th October (you lazy thing, you) then you’re in for a chance. Good luck!

…And here’s that link again, in case you forgot where you left it.

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