Football Crazy, Coffee Mad: Fun Facts!

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You’re worried. Is football coming home, or will you be the one angrily fumbling for your front door keys after a post-defeat comfort drinking sesh? It’s the only thing on everyone’s minds, seeping into the city’s collective consciousness. Even the ice cream van outside the Pact office keeps playing the Match of the Day theme as its chimes!

We’re here to calm you down. Grab a cup of Karinga or a cheeky cold brew, pull up a pew and distract yourself (kind of) with a random assortment of fun facts about coffee and football!

  • Let’s kick off with one loosely related to Sidamo – our coffee sourced from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. Did you know that there’s an Ethiopian Coffee Football Club? It’s based in Addis Ababa – it only formed in 1975 but by 1981 they had already won four trophies and one fair play award. Nice!


  • Famous Brazilian footie player, Romario, reportedly used to drink at least ten cups of coffee a day. Even during matches! Someone grab Vardy a latte, could they?


  • Getting literary with it: in a novel that founded Brazilian Modernism, it’s claimed that both coffee and football originated in Brazil! We’re not sure about that, but there’s no denying that they dominate in both those areas today. In Mário de Andrade’s 1928 novel Macunaima, one brother turns a brick into a football to kick at his brother – for hiding a biting bug in his coffee grounds! Yeah, we don’t get it either.


  • Coffee and football used to be strongly linked in… Austria! They didn’t qualify this time, but back in the 1930s there was a strong tradition of Austrian football teams having a local coffee-house. Instead of popping down your local boozer to rowdily discuss whatever ludicrous display you’d just witnessed, football fans would grab an espresso to talk tactics. We’re down with that!


  • Less a football fact, but maybe some essential insider info before Saturday’s England v. Sweden game… Coffee has been banned a mind-blowing five times in Sweden! This was partly due to beliefs that drinking it came with a number of horrifying side effects – though they must have forgotten all about that now, as they’re now one of the highest coffee-consuming countries per capita.


Farmers & Football – The Pact Lowdown 

If that hasn’t helped your nerves, let’s try something else. Football is truly a global sport, so why not see whose colours our incredible coffee farmers are wearing?

Marcus Carvalho

  • Grower of Fazenda Chapada
  • From Brazil
  • Former professional football player, played for Vasco da Gama in Brazil
  • Supports Fluminense FC
  • Now coaches football to underprivileged kids in Carmo de Minas

Sergio Mantovaninni

  • Grower of Planalto
  • From Brazil
  • Supports Santos FC

Marleny Medez Bototo

Fauver Santa

  • Grower of El Cedro
  • From Colombia
  • General football fan: after farming, Fauver kicks a ball around with his mates and watches all the major fixtures

And that’s all we have! If that hasn’t helped you to while away the hours until you find out your footy fate, as was our goal, then we don’t know what will. Play on!


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