How good is your coffee? Read our CSR

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A photo of a coffee picker at the Planalto farm carrying a bag of coffee through a field

Here at Pact, we are always on the lookout for the best beans in the world to make your quality coffee. And this last year has been an epic year of discoveries.

So we thought you might like to learn a teeny bit more about the origins of the speciality coffee you love and how you help to make coffee a force for good.

Cue this splendid little read “Making coffee a force for good”.

It will give you an insight into why direct trade means a better price for our farmers and a better price for you. You can also meet some of our talented farmers and read about how we are working with them to invest in their farms and the future of your coffee.

5 thoughts on “How good is your coffee? Read our CSR

  1. Great blog – finding the right beans is essential to making the perfect cup of coffee. It’s great that you’re continually in search of new beans.

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