The Pact Team goals for 2017

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The general consensus at Pact HQ is that New Year’s resolutions are really hard and they usually don’t work. And, I’m sure we’re not alone in thinking this. What we also agree on is that instead, we’re better of setting ourselves aspirational goals for the year. They’re much more motivating, there’s none of the guilt and let’s face it, we’re much more likely to achieve them or at least enjoy trying to!

  • Stephen, Will, Chris, Ruby, Elise, Niall, and Robbie have entered the AJ Bell London Triathlon this July. They’re already chatting trisuits, road bikes, glasses vs contact lenses, swim tactics and footwear. As an added bonus, they’ll also be raising money for charity.
  • Tom, who’s already a budding tailor, has set himself his biggest challenge yet – to tailor a complete suit. Watch this space.
  • Patrick has set his sights on getting paid to get fit. Yes, seriously. Community rewards app Pact (we know) apparently offer rewards for healthy people, from the not so healthy.
  • Robbie has declared that he wants to try Ham-uary this Jan. Apparently not anything to do with evil ham but instead he fancies cutting out all meat for a month.
  • George fancies making a lifestyle change this year. He plans to cut out as many small, unnecessary purchases as possible and make a conscious decision to always buy products that are sourced transparently and ethically – like from Farmdrop and Rapanui. He’s also signed up to a Kayak expedition this summer.
  • I want to spend more this year! While I definitely am not planning to go crazy with my pennies, I do want to change my philosophy on spending money. Often I’ll guilt myself into not spending a large sum of money on something I really want and instead compensate by spending lots of little pockets of money on things I’m probably less enthused about to make up for it.

What are your aspirational goals for this year?

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