Brew Year’s Resolutions

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Yes, it’s that time of year again where we start to make our New Year’s resolutions. Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve probably thought about them at least! But before you settle on your goals for the coming months (although we might already be too late), why not take a peek at ours…

1. Be healthier

This isn’t about exercising every day… let’s be honest with ourselves! We all know we took it a little easier over the holidays (except you nutters who ran on Christmas day), so why not make this about promising ourselves that we will go to that gym/yoga/running class come January and we will find it a little harder than we would have pre-Christmas, but that’s ok. It’s also about acknowledging that we should probably take it easy with the chocolate variety packs, just because they’re on sale it doesn’t mean we need to eat them all. Maybe just a few. So what we’re trying to say is… cutting back is probably what you need to do this Jan, but it also doesn’t mean deprive yourself!

2. Save money

The same goes for those pennies. Your bank balance is probably feeling hurt after all those presents you’ve bought (ever so generous, you) so why not get creative on how you can skim a few quid here and there. Try cycling to work once a week and save on petrol? Why not halve the number of takeaways you have in January? Or instead of buying those half-fat caramel soy mochas to go just make yourself a lovely brew in the office and take a quick stroll around the park instead? Easy peasy.

3. Drink great coffee

Have you sensed a theme with our resolutions? You don’t have to be any meaner to yourself this New Year, so why not make one of your resolutions about treating yourself better? No one wants to get to the end of the year and regret not drinking really great coffee (we’re serious). Bin the instant. Ditch those old beans. And make a pact with yourself that you’re only going to drink delicious beans that make you go mmmm. And if you must think about cutting down on caffeine this Jan, we’re added a couple decafs to our menu and brand new decaf pods. Because we want to make this January as easy as possible for you.


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