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Here at Pact HQ, we can’t imagine missing our daily hourly coffee. And so the thought of being away from the office (and our beloved La Marzocco) during Christmas, means we’ve been left in a constant state of anxiety. Luckily, I have a few steadfast coffee tips to get you through the festive season:

  • will-cupping-kitchen-hq-6Christmas time means visiting friends and family far and wide, so bringing coffee along is a must for people who rely on their daily fix. While it may seem obvious, your Pact Coffee bag is the best receptacle to store your coffee in, even when travelling! It’s perfectly air-tight, resealable, and opaque (so sunlight can’t get in and ruin your beans). Or if you’re feeling organised or know you’ll get through a lot of beans, you can always set up a new order to send coffee ahead to wherever you’re spending the holidays! But be quick, our last deliveries are being sent on the 21st of December, so act fast if you don’t want to be left bean-less on Christmas day. I’ve already sent a few bags home to my parents’ home!
  • v60-brew-1-2When you’re entertaining at Christmas, you might find that you need to make coffee for more people than usual. The easiest way to make a batch brew at home is by using a cafetiere or V60. Luckily, most cafetieres cater for more than one person anyway but brewing multiple cups of coffee with a V60 is a bit different, but here are my top tips:To make 4 mugs worth of coffee, you need a V60, a filter, a large jug or your cold brew jug, 1L of hot water and your Hario V60 scoop.
    • Pop your V60 onto a large jug and put 60g of coffee, or one scoop of coffee per person, into the filter. I can’t stress how important it is to brew your coffee directly into a large container, rather than 4 mugs consecutively, as it’ll make for a much more consistent brew. If you brew each mug consecutively, they will all get different levels of extraction, meaning that you could end up with each mug being too acidic, bitter, or watery.
    • And then it’s as simple as brewing your V60 how you normally would and enjoy!
  • mug-shotForgot to buy a present? While I’d never admit it, I always keep some extra bags of coffee in my cupboard just in case I need to give out a last-minute present or two. So if someone arrives at the door and you have nothing to give them, if you’ve got an unopened bag of coffee on standby, you’ve got yourself their present. Or if you’d prefer not to part with your coffee, we have gift vouchers available, which make an easy to print, last minute gift …I won’t tell, if you don’t!
  • My favourite post-Christmas dinner tip: while it may be weird, the best thing to do for a post-dinner nap is to have a shot of espresso right before, ensuring that you don’t miss out on all the Christmas fun. For the science behind this, check out our blog post here.

Hope these tips help you have a caffeine, and fun-filled, holiday!
Merry Christmas and Happy Brewing!

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