Be a sheep and follow the crowd. Upgrade to Pact Office Coffee!

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Pact Office Coffee is Here!

For the last six months, we’ve been quietly upgrading the office coffee setup of over 100 businesses across the UK. Taking them from the sorry state of affairs they once were, and onto freshly roasted, directly traded coffee from us at Pact.

If you’re lucky enough to work at one of these places (or a coffee roastery!) you know the sheer pleasure gained from kickstarting your morning with a fresh brew of pristine coffee. Fortunately, if you don’t, you too can now experience such fortune.

Pact Office Coffee is available across the country, but we popped into some of our London pals to show you how they drink Pact and see first hand some fresh office-coffee setups.



Ever since they served us breakfast at Pact HQ, we’ve fallen in love with the squirrels over at Pip&Nut, revolutionising the spreadables market with their scrummy natural nut butters. Little did we know, Pip (Chief Squirrel) started out selling her early creations just down the road from us at Maltby Street Market, after being disappointed by the amount of refined sugars and palm oil found in other brands. Now their range can be picked up from over 2500 stores nationwide, and it’s up to Deputy Squirrel, Tom to keep the team caffeinated.  Armed with an electric burr grinder and a Chemex, they rotate through our seasonal single origin coffees to keep the good ideas churning.


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Located in Clerkenwell, London, is the high-spec co-working space Treehouse, offering everything anyone could need for a week, let alone a working one. With breakout spaces, snooker tables and a dining room complete with craft beer stocked fridges and two coffee-setups even the most discerning barista would be jealous of, it’s a pretty tough life working there. Of course to complete such an awesome office-perk arsenal needs a cracking coffee too. They take our single origin espresso in their grinders on both floors, complemented by a few V60s dotted around. Oh, and they couldn’t just enjoy their coffees inside now could they, for there is the suntrap roof terrace too.



Keeping the singletons amongst us in hope of finding our one true love are the lovely folk over at Based out of a romantic spot overlooking the London Eye, great coffee and office music are the two perks of utmost importance to their team. In true brand colours is their red Nespresso machine taking our pods for beautiful coffee at the touch of a button, neighboured to a blue Mocca Master brewing up batches of our seasonal single origins. They even have a coffee-bell to alert the cupids when a fresh pot is on the counter, we think that’s pretty cool.



Be a sheep, follow the crowd. 

We want to introduce more and more offices to what having great coffee in the office can taste like. If you’d like to find out more please head over to our Wholesale page and drop us a line.

To show we’re serious about this; if you get your office on board with Pact you’ll bag yourself an in-office coffee masterclass for the whole team, and your at-home Pact coffee will be on-the-house for as long as your office is stocked with Pact beans…


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