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We recently ran a special offer; a Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew jug and two limited edition coffees for 29GBP*. Unfortunately the design of the email and confirmation pages were confusing, and a few of you were rightly annoyed. Some even ordered hardware without realising they had done so. I just wanted to explain what happened, why, and what we’re doing to avoid the same mistakes going forward.


Great digital experience

As our longest-standing customers will attest, we spend a lot of time making world-class, Direct Trade coffees easily available. In fact we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make getting your morning coffee as convenient and flexible as possible. A big part of this is our digital user experience, which I push to be as delightful and frictionless as possible.


Single-click for the win (or so I thought…)

To date we’ve introduced some new features which we’re pleased to say have gone down really well. For example, we recently added the options to skip, double up or change your coffee order straight from the ‘shipping soon’ emails in a single click. We love this functionality, and the feedback from you guys has been fantastic.



Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.00.43

Buoyed by this success I pushed our product team for single-click purchases from email too and the cold-brew promotion was our first test. This time the feedback was largely negative; it’s the norm to see a confirmation page before committing to an online purchase, and that’s what you were expecting from us too. Whilst you could subsequently cancel the order from the confirmation page, this was missed by a number of customers (for example when the page failed to load).


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.03.58

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.08.07


So, what have we done?

  • Naturally, the few people who ordered the bundle unintentionally haven’t been charged and their bundles have been returned at our expense.
  • We’re adding a confirmation step to future emails of this kind.
  • Personally I still love the idea of an additional ‘buy with 1-click’ option, but I’ll take a lead from our product team, and will do extensive user testing before it’s considered.
  • I wrote this blog post, explaining what happened and why!


My plea to you

Pact is on a mission to make coffee a force for good, by helping the world upgrade from shitty supermarket coffee and all the misery it brings with it to both our kitchens, and the fields that produce it. We’re taking on some vast companies – both coffee brands and retailers – who have eye-watering resources to protect their position.


The only weapons we have in our arsenal are nimbleness, and our relationship with you, our community. You can tell us what would improve your Pact experience, and we can act on it quickly. So please, please, keep your feedback coming. Challenge us to do better, share your amazing suggestions and if you have any questions then reach out. We don’t stand a chance without you.





Founder – Pact Coffee


*yes, it’s still available, but with a couple more clicks 😉 Follow this link for details.


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