How to brew a refreshing summer sipper

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As summer approaches, there are many things to get excited about: longer days, picnics in the park, wearing fewer clothes. However, after the long winter, it might take our frozen bodies a little longer to adjust to balmier weather. While piping hot cups of coffee were our lifeline throughout the winter period, sipping a steaming brew in the sunshine can lead to a very sweaty situation.

Cold brew is a great alternative to traditionally brewed coffee, because it’s not only surprisingly simple to make, but incredibly satisfying on a hot day. To avoid any sticky predicaments this summer, we asked Brendan, who looks after quality control in our coffee team, if he has any delicious cold brew recipes he could share. For those who aren’t sure who Brendan is, he’s this guy:

… and boy, does he make a refreshing summer cuppa! It would be selfish to keep this little gem to ourselves, so here’s a simple recipe we like to call ‘brew a la Brendan’.

You’ll need:
100g of coarse ground coffee (we recommend Planalto)
500ml of cold water


1. Pop your coarsely ground coffee in the cafetiere
2. Add 500ml of cold water
3. Stir!
4. Leave to stand for two to three minutes, then stir again
5. Place the cafetiere into the fridge and leave for 16-24 hours, depending on how strong you like your coffee
6. Take the cafetiere out of the fridge, plunge the brewed coffee and enjoy!

Knowing the UK, you’ll be back to drinking your usual hot cup of coffee in no time. So enjoy a deliciously chilled one while you can!

*Don’t worry if you don’t have a cafetiere handy, you can always substitute it with a Hario V60 and paper filters. Or, if all else fails, a sealable container and a brand new washcloth will do the trick!

3 thoughts on “How to brew a refreshing summer sipper

    1. If you’re leaving it in the fridge overnight a Cafetiere will be a lot easier! Also, it holds enough cold brew for you and some friends to enjoy.

      1. Using Aeropress, it comes out extra strong, dilute with more cold water, add ice, drink straight away. No need for overnight fridge…

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