The simple art of spooning (and we don’t mean a cuddle!)

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Will Brewing V60 Cafetiere (15 of 34)
Two spoons in action

Although cafetieres seem to be one of the most popular ways to brew coffee, we’ve found that some drinkers mistreat these little guys without even knowing it.

In ‘Three ways you’re mistreating your cafetiere…’, we included some handy tips to get the most out of your cafetiere, including using two spoons to scoop off any grounds that may be floating on top. This is called the ‘crust’ and can make a difference in the amount of sediment that’s left at the bottom of your cup.

However, as one customer rightly asked – hey, Andy! – why would we use two spoons instead of one? Is there some sort of technique when it comes to scooping coffee crust?

The answer is yes, but it’s not too tricky. Here, we’ve made a little video to help you perfect the art of the two spoon technique.


4 thoughts on “The simple art of spooning (and we don’t mean a cuddle!)

  1. Emily, you are a legend! What a great response to my pithy comment! I’m off to get my two spoons right now…

    1. HI Darren! Thanks for enquiring. Leaving the crust on top increases the resistance against the filter, which can lead to more coffee grounds ending up in your cup. Spooning it off means you’ll have wonderful tasting coffee with no silt in the bottom!

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