What on earth is a V60?

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A V-What now? Let’s get some clarity. If you google “V60,” it’s a phone, a car, and a coffee maker! The V60 we like here at Pact isn’t the Volvo although we can appreciate that it is a fine sports-wagon. We prefer the sleek exterior of the Hario-made V60, hailing from Japan. In Japanese ‘hario’ means “The King of Glass,” and they are notorious for their fine design and glassware, their V60 design is no exception…


Meaning of V60

HARIO named its coffee dripper ‘V60’ as the V shaped cone is at a 60° angle. Simple as that! You could win a few bets with that one.


What distinguishes a V60 from other drippers?

Its perfect cone shape with vortex-like ridges along the inside and a slightly larger hole than most other coffee drippers.


Cone Shape


The unique cone shape of the V60 ensures that the ground coffee is in a thicker layer than in the regular dripper. The water flows to the centre, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the grounds. That way you get better flavour even in a small number of servings and better coffee extraction.


Large Single Hole


The V60, unlike other coffee drippers, has a larger single hole in the bottom allows the tip of paper filter to ‘drop’ below its base. This frees the water to extract more from the ground coffee. The flavour changes by the speed the water flows, letting the brewer determine the taste.


Spiral Ridges


The ridges on the V60 walls rise all the way to the top, creating enough space between the filter paper and the V60, so they don’t cling. This space allows the air to escape when brewing to maximize expansion of the ground coffee.


Hario was awarded the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award was established in 1957. It’s the only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation award in Japan. The award has honored “Good design” which has enhanced quality of life, industries and society for over 50 years. The V60 won in 2007, and wears the coveted Good Design sticker on its base to this day. So if you want a simple, award winning way to brew your coffee, look no further than the Hario V60.


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