Yet to try Pact? Give Pact’s fresh coffee deliveries a go and get a FREE coffee making kit with this voucher code!

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V60 Starter Kit Offer

Love coffee? Want to try a great new way of making coffee at home? If you’ve found your way here we’re pretty sure you’re a yes-to-both kind of person (our favourite kind) and we have a trial offer we think you’ll love.

Read on, it may change the way you see coffee!

So what’s in the offer?

In short, we’ve put together a coffee-making starter kit (pictured above) including Hario’s iconic V60 coffee dripper (size 02, plastic, transparent), a pack of paper filters and a handy fridge magnet brew guide to give away FREE to anyone who wants to give Pact a go.

The V60 dripper alone normally costs around £10 (Google ‘V60 size 02’ and shop around if you like and don’t be caught out by the extra postage charges sellers tend to impose) and we’re giving it to you for free so it’s a great deal if you want to get more into coffee-making. And yes, we’ll cover the postage too.

Yes please! How do I claim the offer?

We’re offering the Starter Kit to anyone keen on giving Pact a go!

To give a quick introduction of Pact, we keep you topped up with the freshest, and therefore best-tasting, coffee available. We source our beans carefully from speciality farms, roast them in our London HQ and deliver them to you as whole beans or ground up within 7 days of roasting in letterbox-friendly envelopes.

The smell when you first open the packets is amazing, and the V60 dripper on offer here is a great way of brewing your coffee at home.

Code: V60START

To claim the offer, just pop over to our main site at and sign up using the voucher code ‘V60START’.

Our 5-minute signup process will take you through the coffees on offer and recommend you one to start with based on your taste. Each package of your freshly roasted coffee costs £6.95 (for about 15 cups worth of coffee) including next-day postage and we’ll keep topping you up fresh from the roaster at an interval of your choosing.

You can stop, pause or change your preferences at any time and we’re not the kind of company to hide the cancel button or make it deliberately difficult for you to quit when you want.

So, to recap, sign up on with the voucher code ‘V60START’. You’ll be charged £6.95, the standard price for our coffee deliveries, but you’ll also receive everything you need to start brewing with a V60.

So why are Pact offering this? Is there a catch?

There’s no catch. We’re coffee lovers at Pact (can you tell?) and we’re trying to get more people around the UK to get into what we love. We think the V60 dripper is a simple but fantastic piece of kit which we use a lot here at HQ and if we can get more people into using it and appreciating the difference of great coffee, that’s good for us because we can supply the great coffee!

You’ll love the V60 and hopefully you’ll love the coffee and the convenience of Pact enough to stay on with us. That’s why we’re offering this and it’s been working out for us so far.

Tell me more about the V60!

Sure. It’s really popular in the speciality coffee world and we swear by it. It’s easy to use, makes a great, clean cup of filter coffee that highlights the distinctive flavours of the coffee beans and is really easy to clean (which when you drink as much coffee as we do is a big lifestyle plus). We think they should be in every coffee drinker’s kitchen.

To get you in the mood, here’s a little video we rustled up one day. That’s Will, our chief coffee sourcer and connoisseur, in action taking us through how to get the best cup of coffee out of a V60. Enjoy!


Wait, I’m already a customer, do I get this offer?

We think every customer should have one in their kitchen so here’s the deal. If when you signed up you didn’t take advantage of another promotion then just email us and we’ll send it to you for free. If you did sign up with Pact with another promotion we can’t afford to give it away for free but we’ll gladly send you the starter kit with your next delivery for an additional £5, which should be the cheapest price you’ll find anywhere for this. In either case, email and we’ll sort that out for you.

Your V60 Starter Kit is 5 minutes away!

Phew. Does that cover everything? Did we say how great the V60 is? Get yours now by going to and signing up with voucher code ‘v60START‘, or if you’re an existing customer email us as above.

Any questions let us know in the comments or email us at

7 thoughts on “Yet to try Pact? Give Pact’s fresh coffee deliveries a go and get a FREE coffee making kit with this voucher code!

    1. Sorry for any confusion Michael! The free v60 with a full price bag is just an introductory offer. However, all our existing customers can order a kit at just cost price, just £5, opposed to £10!

    1. The regular price of a bag of Pact Coffee is £6.95. In the offer above, we send out a bag of coffee and the V60 dripper kit for £6.95. So it is completely free!

  1. Shame this was not out 3 weeks ago just bought a v60 of net for £5 .would of liked to get it with coffee but will have to do with pact coffee that I signed up to 3 weeks ago

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