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Pact Coffee JonnyA passer-by recently wandered into Pact HQ looking for a coffee. Turns out his name is Jonny and he helps run a website called Maptia.com. We got talking with him and now he’s not only a Pact customer, but writes a few Pact Coffee blog posts for us in return for squatters rights on a desk at Pact HQ a few days a week.

What do you do at Pact?
Help the team dream up creative ideas for the Pact blog, journal and The Perc. magazine, and essentially try to justify my presence!

What’s your favourite part of the working day (please don’t say home time)?
It’s a cliche but no two working days are ever the same. I love the serendipity of stumbling upon things (online and offline) that I didn’t realise I was looking for. Those moments when the universe seems to conspire in your favour. The unexpected surprises (and endless shots of caffeine) keep me on my toes.

Tell us a bit about your other project, Maptia?
Together with my two cofounders, Dorothy and Dean, I work on a startup called Maptia — a place for gathering remarkable stories from all corners of the planet that hopefully encourage us to appreciate foreign cultures and foster a sense of adventure!

We wrote about our 1,000 day startup (mis)adventures here, and have been fortunate enough to have led a relatively nomadic lifestyle, working from four different continents in the past three years. Below is a photos of our travel manifesto that our community have sent in from 50+ countries.


What problem can be solved with coffee?
I was intrigued to learn that coffee is credited for fuelling the Age of Enlightenment back in the 17th and 18th centuries (when it replaced beer as the staple brew). If the humble coffee bean was partly responsible for scientific method and the industrial revolution, who knows what else it might be responsible for in the future!

What’s your preferred brew method?
I am an Aeropress fanatic. It was invented by the guy who created the frisbee, it has the thinnest paper filter I know of and gives a world-class clean, light taste. Also it’s wonderfully portable and dead easy to prepare and clean up.

I have been around Will (Pact’s resident coffee genius) just long enough to grasp how little I know about the art of coffee. So I’m at the start of personal journey of sorts to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and learn as much about the coffee-making process as I can.

What does your favourite mug look like?
It has the Maptia logo on and was made by my mum.

What album goes best with a good cup of coffee?
It changes but this week I’m really enjoying The Tallest Man on Earth.

If coffee could give you a superpower, what would it be?
More energy, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning… oh wait.

Take a look at Jonny’s post about #tretårday here >

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