A top-notch grinder

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Freshly ground
There’s a reason why we grind your Pact Coffee at the last possible moment, and it comes down to one word: freshness. Basically, coffee tastes best when it’s freshly ground. Getting Pact to grind your coffee for you is a great way to maintain that great, fresh taste, but if you’re keen to step it up a notch, it’s surprisingly easy to grind your coffee at home.

Even more freshly ground
Home grinding has always been a bit of a minefield. I am regularly asked questions about people’s home grinders, grind settings and for recommendations on which grinder to invest in.  I think it’s a common misconception that grinders need to cost a lot of money, but it’s not the case. Hand grinders can actually be an inexpensive tool, and go miles towards getting the most from your beans.

Meet the Rhino
Unlike its animal namesake, this kit is pretty compact. Amazingly though, it can also hold up to 40g of beans – enough to brew two big mugs of coffee. The Rhino also has the ability to adjust the grind size, so you can grid to suit a whole range of brewing kits.

I’m not the kind of guy to recommend something without trying it out, so we held a Pact HQ roadtest. We found that it takes just a minute and a half to grind enough beans for an Aeropress, which is about as long as it takes a kettle to boil. And the resulting grinds were excellent.

Needless to say, I think the Rhino is awesome and I think you will be too. It is available from CoffeeHit.

PSST… if you pick up a Rhino, don’t forget to change your Pact order to whole beans!

5 thoughts on “A top-notch grinder

    1. When the students at the Aeropress class got a first look of the grinder at Pact HQ, we found that it didn’t quite fit inside the inner chamber (maybe it might fit in the outer) – it’s just that smidge wider!

      However as the owner of a Porlex (which gets compared to this a lot), the benefits and improvements of the Rhino (far more consistent grinds, feels better in the hand, bit more robust, better capacity and price!) far outweigh the “con” of not fitting inside the AP. You could always just pack the top half of the grinder and omit the lower chamber (which catches the grounds) for travel, then grind directly into the AP – that’ll save you more space.

      It also comes with its own bag too…I could easily fit my AP and the Rhino in my AP tote altogether and it really doesn’t take up that much more room. In fact I’m actually going to get one so I can keep the Porlex in my uni locker and the Rhino at home…or swap as I fancy.

  1. I know I’m still in the Ark, but what are Aeropresses and Porlexes ? I seem to manage without either!
    PS I have been told that pounded or crushed (ie pestle & mortar) beans make better coffee than ground or whizzed . This is what they did in North Afrtica in the desert, apparently. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried recently, and compared?

    1. Well a burr grinder is essentially just crushing the coffee? just with a more consistent result. there is a risk that the process of mechanically grinding the coffee will impart heat to the beans and start to degrade the grind, but most burr grinders area geared is such a way as to prevent this, and with a hand grinder it ain’t going to be an issue.

      Chopped coffee is just wrong though.

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