V60 Balls up, an apology and a cracking offer for existing customers.

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One of the biggest challenges to running a startup is achieving a lot with a small team and little resource, and occasionally we balls up. That’s what we did over the weekend. I’d like to explain what happened, why it happened, and what we’ve done about it.

What did we do?
We launched a new marketing campaign, which offered new customers a free v60 if they joined Pact. It was promoted through Facebook and Twitter. We promised to do something great for existing customers, but that it wouldn’t be available for a month. Quite rightly, some of you let your feelings be known (see below).




Why couldn’t existing customers have the deal too?
The truth is that most new customers have already had a great signup offer – likely your first bag for £1. If you took up that deal we paid roughly £5 for you to try our coffee, because we believe in letting the product to the talking. If someone takes a free v60 when they sign up it will also cost Pact about £5. We can’t afford to do both for everyone.

So, what will you do for existing customers?
We will send you a V60 with your next bag of coffee for an extra fiver, which is cheaper than you can find it anywhere else. Just send an email to ahoy@pactcoffee.com with ‘V60 STARTER KIT’ in the title and we’ll do the rest. If you’d like your next coffee ground to suit a v60 please make sure you also visit your account page and update your settings too.

Anything else?
Yes. If you have any more feedback on this, or other things we could improve please email Pete (Head of Community, pete@pactcoffee.com) or Stephen (CEO, stephen@pactcoffee.com) and we’ll arrange a time to give you a call.

Just one more thing…
We’re a small business, and we make mistakes. I hope that the thing that sets us apart is that, when we do, we hold our hands up, fix the problem, and figure out how to stop this happening again. I hope we’ve made amends.


Stephen Rapoport
Founder, PactCoffee.com

One thought on “V60 Balls up, an apology and a cracking offer for existing customers.

  1. As a newly-signed up customer who signed up for the £1 deal, I’d say your “mea culpa” plus the £5 offer strike a reasonable middle ground and I’ll be taking you up on it.

    Thanks for taking the time to post about it – attracting new customers and looking after existing ones is a tricky balance, pleased that you’re taking the time and thought to get that right 🙂

    Looking forward to exploring your service offering!

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