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Today, after a couple of months of hard work from Anneliese and the Pact community, I’m thrilled to pull back the curtain on our shiny new logo.


A logo evolution is unusual for a company like Pact. Like most small businesses, we battle to get everything done with few people and little resource. This usually puts big projects like a new logo firmly on the ‘one day’ list, far behind new features and new coffees. So rather than leaving brows furrowed, I’d like to answer two questions:

1) Why did we decide to redesign the logo at all?
2) How did we arrive at this one?

Why the new look?

We take pride in making things at Pact. Really rolling up our sleeves and doing things ourselves. We made the coffee bar at Pact HQ (out of pallets). We made the tables that we work on each day (out of pallets). We made the coffee-picking algorithm that matches your preferences with our coffees (out of maths). I’m proud that we don’t retain agencies for things like PR, design, and marketing.

But that wasn’t always possible…

In June last year (when we changed our name from YourGrind to Pact) we were in need of a new logo and we had to outsource it. Back then we were a team of five plucky coffee lovers, who had no design ability whatsoever and no choice but to employ the skills of a friendly freelance designer called Tim.

We loved the work he did but in the year since we commissioned it, we’ve come to understand a lot more about Pact. We can now talk really clearly about the things we believe in and what we stand for. So that’s the first reason we wanted to make a change.

The second reason is Anneliese, Pact’s kick-ass designer, who joined the team six months ago. She lives and breathes Pact and her skills have made her the perfect person to give our logo a rethink…


So, why this logo?

1) We love craft. The farmers we work with are craftsmen, our roast master is a craftsman and our Grindhouse team are crafters too. The wax seal on our old logo was uniform and manufactured whereas this one was crafted. We know because…

2) It was crafted by our community! We threw an event, made some cocktails and we all had a go with a wax stamp. Andrew and Hannah’s were the best, and now they are on our bags forever. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

3) Ms. Chandley and Mr Jones. They taught me Theatre Studies and Chemistry at A-level and each took something fascinating but complicated and made it engaging and fun. They did so for hundreds of us because they believed it would change our lives, which is exactly the way we feel about coffee. Anneliese’s chalky blackboard font is a tribute to people like them.

4) Freshness. From the sandwich board serifs to the hot wax stamps, we have tried to make this logo shout freshness as loud as our coffee does. I hope you guys like it as much as we do. If you’d like to chat about it ping either me or Anneliese an email, or pop by for a coffee. You can also check out Anneliese’s presentation (Blogpost_Pres), which explains the whole thing in a bit more detail.


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