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Thanks to everyone who attended Pact’s breakfast club on Thursday morning – we really enjoyed sharing our new Espresso Blend with a bunch of our customers. And we hope they enjoyed tasting it. Judging by the brilliant tasting notes that were offered up by our Breakfast Club guinea-pigs, they did.

Will coffee

Will, our Head of Coffee, has actually used these tasting notes – along with his own – to come up with the description of our new Espresso Blend:

A Black Forest Gateau Espresso, drenched in cream.

So, where did that come from? 

  • One of the most common observations from those taking part was that the coffee was ‘chocolatey’.
  • Most people also found it ‘creamy and smooth’
  • Then some of the tasters identified more subtle aspects of the coffee, noting that it was ‘nutty’ with hints of ‘something fruity’. This was translated into coffee lingo by Will as ‘a cherry jam sweetness’ and ‘an almond flavour’, which people seemed to agree with.

All these things spelt only one thing for Will, as you read up there. Once he’d suggesteda Black Forest Gateau Espresso, drenched in cream’, there were lots of nods and we knew we were on to a good thing.

To find out more about other things you might be able to taste in this coffee, click on the relevant ‘Find Out More’ button on our coffee page.

Gutted that you missed our Breakfast Club? Don’t worry! We’ll be holding coffee tasting sessions every couple of weeks – look out for them on our Twitter feed and our newsletter.

Irked that these tasting sessions are in London and you aren’t? We’d be happy to supply you with everything you need to run your own coffee tasting Breakfast Club. Simply pop us an email on letting us know the details of the event you’d like to host.

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