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Pact Coffee At Home

Anyone who has ever been delighted by an episode of ‘Through the Keyhole’ (1987-95) or ‘MTV Cribs’ (circa 2000) will know that there’s a certain thrill in seeing where someone else lives.

Well, here at Pact we often wonder where our beloved coffee deliveries end up living. Do they dwell cosily in cupboards? Do they get poured lovingly into snug canisters? Do they perch merrily on shelves?

Once the coffee leaves our doors – freshly roasted and freshly ground – we have no idea where it eventually ends up…

Why does it matter?

Keep this under your hats, but we’re currently putting some thought into redesigning our coffee bags.

To do that we’re trying to work out exactly where they end up.

So, if you’d be happy to show us where your Pact Coffee lives then pop us a tweet or instagram along with the hashtag #wheredoesyourcoffeelive. We’re sure that whatever you share with us will help to make our coffee bags even better, and the type of thing you’d be thrilled to give a loving home to…


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