Coffee charm giveaway – #charmcallum

Pact Coffee The Charm Works

We’ve got three coffee charm necklaces to give away!

Isn’t it nice when you discover you have friendly neighbours? Unless of course they’re too friendly and they keep popping over for sugar, or to read you your horoscope or chat about the local pigeons.

But we digress.

Our neighbours at Pact HQ happen to be none other than The Charm Works, who have demonstrated their neighbourliness by giving us three coffee-related necklaces to give away.

There are two different designs up for grabs, a coffee cup and a coffee pot, both of which come on a delicate sterling silver chain. So what do you have to do to win one?

Simple. Charm Callum:

Pact Coffee #charmcallum

So here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a selfie / picture of yourself
  • Make sure you’re holding a coffee
  • Don’t forget to pout (or pull a similarly ‘charming’ face)
  • Tweet us at @pactcoffee with the hash #charmcallum

It’ll then be up to him to pick three ‘charmers’ at random within the next week…

Below you’ll see our efforts to #charmcallum at Pact HQ (you’re looking at Georgia, Richard, Josie (me) and Junta – in that order).

Pact Coffee #charmcallum team

Clearly none of them did the trick, we hope you’ll fare better. Good luck!


1 comment
  1. Anonymous said:

    I love trying your different blends and wish Pact a super impact on the coffee at home market. You guys n gals are so innovative …. keep up the good work and new ideas …..I’m hooked on PACT. Lynda HJ

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