French Yoghurt Cake

I’m sure you’re all aware that we at Pact love to make things easier for our dear coffee-loving customers. We’ve taken the first step by making sure you never run out of fresh coffee, so I thought I’d do my part by giving you a mighty fine cake, which comes at a fraction of the effort!

This ancient recipe, originating from France, was passed to me from Pact’s secret packing weapon, Sarah “The Bullet” Chaillot. This French dynamo has assured me that this recipe is so easy that children across the channel are basically born with the ability to bake it.

“What makes it so simple?” I hear you ask. Well, the beauty of this recipe is that the ingredient proportions are based on a single tub of yoghurt. Simply reuse the pot to measure your remaining ingredients! The result is a beautifully soft and simple dessert that you can whip up in a flash, just in time for your mid-morning coffee!

About the yoghurt pot: A standard pot is 150g but the beauty of the recipe is that it’s pretty much all in proportion. So if you start with a slightly bigger or a smaller pot then you’ll make a slightly bigger or smaller cake!



1 pot of yogurt (any will do, Greek, vanilla, blueberry etc.)
2 pots of sugar
3 pots of flour
1/2 pot of melted butter
3 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
Your choice of flavour (we used frozen berries and a dash of almond essence)


1. Prepare by setting your oven to 200°C/gas mark 6 and greasing a cake tin. We used a springform tin, but any type is fine.
2. Combine all ingredients (except the fruit) and mix well.
3. Fold in the fruit and flavour.
4. Place in the oven for about 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.
5. Place a jaunty beret atop your head and pour a healthy dose of au lait for your Pact café! Bon appétit!

    • Thanks Sophie, we’d love to hear how it turns out if you decide to try it.

  1. Paul said:

    Sounds nice and simple and looks great

    • Thanks Paul! We sampled it a couple of weeks ago in the office, and it was delicious.

  2. That looks so delicious. I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for the recipe!

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