Find out who’s been packing your coffee…

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Pack Coffee Packing TeamThose in the know have heard whispers about an enchanted place, where the aroma of freshly ground coffee is never absent, music fills the air and people work industriously in strange and wonderful outfits. This may sound like a fantasy, but it isn’t. This is The Pact Packing Room.

The Pact Packing Room is presided over by the unflappable Matt. He runs a tight but fairly rowdy ship. He and his merry band of packers spend the day grinding up our premium, freshly-roasted beans then popping the coffee into personalised envelopes for each of our customers. They even sign their names on the envelopes they’ve packed, just to show they care.

But what makes the inhabitants of The Pact Packing Room tick? Read on to find out more about Matt and his team – and find out exactly who has been packing your coffee…

Pact Coffee Beans

Matt (M-Dog)
Hails from:
Favourite coffee so far: San Antonio
Packing anthem of choice: Any Stax Records compilation
Special move: Making sure everything happens when it’s supposed to! Also, double grinding and sealing simultaneously aka ‘The Grindmaster Flash’
Most overused word/phrase: “I know what you mean yeh.”
When I’m not working I like to: Read Cormac McCarthy novels, eat sourdough pizza and play drums.

Pact Coffee Packing Matt

Pact Coffee Beans

Sam (The Maori Mounty)
Hails from:
Canada! And New Zealand!
Favourite coffee so far: Espresso Blend
Packing anthem of choice: Build Me Up – The Foundations
Special move: Chilling out, relaxing, maxing all cooling all
Most overused word/phrase:  “Does anyone want coffee?”
Favourite ‘Would You Rather’ question: Would you rather have no one ever believe anything you say, or never be able to lie?
Smallprint: Sam is neither Maori nor a Mounty.

Pact Coffee Sam packing coffee

Pact Coffee Beans

Em (Shielder)
Hails from:
 Williamstown, Australia
Favourite coffee so far: Espresso Blend
Packing anthem of choice: Any Beyonce
Special move: The bend and snap
Most overused word/phrase: “I’m confused.”
Favourite ‘Would You Rather’ question: Would you rather have 8 little legs, or 1 big leg?

Pact Coffee Em packing coffee

Pact Coffee Beans

Milan (Thrillsy)
Hails from: Melbourne, Australia
Favourite coffee so far: Espresso
Packing anthem of choice: 22 – Taylor Swift
Special move: Singing aloud to Taylor Swift, Adele and Lana Del Rey
Most overused word/phrase: “Ludicrous”
Favourite ‘Would You Rather’ question: Would you rather sneeze tomato sauce forever, or only be able to put BBQ sauce on your food? For the record, I’d take the latter.
Anything else we should know? I like puppies, they make me happy. Taylor Swift also makes me happy. Utterly ludicrous, but you can’t help what you like!

Pact Coffee Milan packing coffee

Pact Coffee Beans

Georgia (G-Unit)
Hails from:
Melbourne, Australia.
Favourite coffee so far: Espresso – all variations have been amazing.
Packing anthem of choice: Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.
Special move: I couldn’t pick one, but I’d say we all deserve Hogwarts letters when it comes to getting all of the orders shipped in time for postage collection!
Most overused word/phrase: “Would you rather…”
Favourite ‘Would You Rather’ question: Would you rather have pogo sticks for legs, or corkscrews for hands?
Smallprint: Georgia is also a serious foodie so watch out for her coffee-related recipes on this very blog.

Pact Coffee Georgia packing coffee

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  1. Are you trying to put me off with these photos? ( or should I say MUG-shots – geddit? 2 puns for the price of one!) Only joking, guys some great coffee. The Central American ones are best – I’ve always tended towards Columbian, but by our Panamanian offering is the dogs gonads! I’m really enjoying trying them all out – the Tanzanian Nyoni pea berry is probably the most distinctive we’ve had from you. It doesn’t knock the Panamanian off the gold podium but makes a sure change and makes people who I’ve shared it with sit up and take notice. Many thanks – keep up the good work!

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