Cooking with coffee: 3 Amazing Coffee Recipes.

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We at YourGrind advocate drinking coffee within 5 weeks of roasting. Whilst it’s perfectly safe to drink it weeks or even months after this date (just ask anyone who buys theirs in a supermarket…) all the complexity and depth will have been lost. It starts to taste a bit like damp bark.

It is still, however, a great ingredient to have in your kitchen. It will punch up a casserole or stew no end (bring on the winter months…!), add a cracking twist to deserts and, with a lot of other flavors to bounce around with, the loss of volatile top notes won’t be as obvious.

Coffee recipes are great for dinner parties, not least because they tend to extend your evening by subtly caffeinating your guests!*

TOP TIP: Freeze your coffee as soon as it’s too old to drink. It will be fine to cook with for months to come. 


Caffeinated Lamb Stew


500g Chunks of stewing lamb, neck or another good, cheap cut

Olive oil or butter.

1 x stick Celery

Chunks of turnip, carrot, swede, potato. 500g should do it

100g tomato paste

1 x large white onion

1 x Bay leaf

a couple of sprigs of rosemary & thyme

1 TBSP fine coffee grounds

Salt & pepper

Top tip: DON’T brown your meat in a frying pan first. It adds to the washing up and the resulting flavour (burnt caramel) will overpower the subtlety of the herbs.

1.     Roughly chop the onion & celery. Crush the garlic under a chef’s knife then peel and finely chop. Soften all in a medium pan with a knob of butter/splash of olive oil. Season.

2.     Add chopped rosemary and thyme, give it a toss.

3.     Add root veg and tomato paste, stir until it’s all nicely coated.

4.     Add vegetable stock until it’s all covered – bring to the boil.

5.     Add lamb & coffee grounds, cover, reduce heat, leave for 90 mins, or until you’re hungry. The longer the better. After 12 hour’s it will be a staggeringly good soup…!

6.     Season to taste before serving with crusty bread.

4Cs (a.k.a. Coffee & Chilli Con Carne)

For a vegetarian alternative, replace beef stock cube with vegetarian, and beef mince with chopped shitake mushrooms.



1 x large white onion

2 cloves garlic

1 x bunch flat leaf parsley

500ml of filter/cafetiere coffee

4 x large vine tomatoes (roughly chopped)

Red chili – 1 minimum, 2 better, beyond that it’s your shout

1 tsp each of paprika, marjoram and cumin

500g x Beef mince

1 x beef stock cube

2 x tbsp dark muscovado sugar

1 x tin kidney beans

1.     Finely chop the onions, garlic & celery. Soften in oil. Set aside.

2.     Turn up the heat. Brown the mince in batches. Set aside frying pan.

3.     Add beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chili, spices and parsley to a deep pan on a medium heat and stir.

4.     Deglaze the frying pan with coffee, add to deep pan.

5.     Add sugar and kidney beans. Stir once, reduce heat, cover and simmer for an hour.

6.     Serve with brown or basmati rice.





1 x large scoop quality vanilla ice cream (Something snazzy)

100g crushed amaretto biscuits

1 double espresso


1. Fill a bowl with Ice cream, then pour over the hot coffee, sprinkle on the biscuit. Hell yes.

*YourGrind in no way advocates drugging people, even if they’re your friends.

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  1. Great recipes. Looking forward to trying them out. I’ve made a stew with coffee before but not with coffee grounds.

    The other two posts sound like spam don’t they. Odd.

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