Back to school, work, and reality: how to cope, with coffee

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Remember those long summers, filled with burnt sausages, drippy 99s, and sandy picnics that slowly merged into trips to WHSmiths to pick up a shiny new pencil case, and Clarks for some sensible school shoes? Me neither – that was yonks ago.

But that ‘back to school’ feelings hits us all. Whether we’ve got our own brood to chivvy back into getting up before 9am and doing up top buttons, or you’ve just used up all your holiday allowance until Christmas, that feeling just hangs in the air.

As per, coffee is the answer. You’re welcome:

If the kids have gone back to school

Maybe they’re terrified – starting Year 7, a whole classroom of unfamiliar faces and stricter teachers. Or perhaps they’re raring to go. Faffing around with friends from 9am-3pm, with no hovering parents whatsoever? Great!

Either way, tensions are high. Schedules are out of whack. And you’re gonna need a considerable amount of caffeine to get it all under control.

Tip 1: make sure you’re fully stocked up. Tip 2: try V60 brewing, if you don’t already. It’s quick and easy, and gives you a couple of minutes while it brews to wipe shredded wheat off jumpers and shuffle them on their way. 

If you haven’t got any holidays planned for a while

Ennui is the name of the game. Gone are the days of lazily wining and dining in the Tuscan hills. No more can you wander down bustling little backstreets, picking up trinkets for pennies and smelling delicious foods you’ve never heard of. Kayaking through up and down the Lake District, as the weak, familiar English sun warms your face? Over.

It’s ok. You just need to keep some excitement in your life. If you’re a same day every morning type, then why not shake things up? Try a tea-like Ethiopian single origin, followed by a punchy chocolatey espresso – shake things up and experience the world’s flavours. 

And if that doesn’t sort you out, invest in a good flask and get wandering around whether you visit. There’s sure to be something you’ve missed (…or not, who am I to say?).

If you just fancy a fresh start this autumn

Like a less mainstream ‘New Year, New Me’, autumn can be the perfect time to get your life in order. Get in a good gym routine, try a low meat diet, learn to crochet – it’s a time to focus on being the best you possible (if you can forgive the tweeness).

So why not make coffee your new hobby? There’s a lot that can be accomplished by fine-tuning your brewing process. Get a cheap pair of scales, descale the kettle, enlist the help of your phone’s timer. Experiment with creating the perfect brew – and treat it as an act of mindfulness for you, too!

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  1. This is a really useful post and especially apt for this time of year where everybody is feeling a little bit unmotivated and in a bit of a need for some energy to get through the day!

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