Coffee recommendations for your August Bank Holiday

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The weather forecast looks promising for a traditionally baking Bank Holiday weekend… so while we touch wood, why not read our coffee tips and pairings for making the most of it?

But most importantly – make sure you get your orders in ASAP, so you don’t run out! 

If you’re…

  • Hitting the streets for Notting Hill Carnival


It’s going to be a long, sun-filled day of bright colours, sizzling street food, cultural celebration, and endless cans of Red Stripe. You’re really going to need a caffeinated kick to start the day, just to keep you going!

Did you know filter coffee has more caffeine per ml? For that reason, we’d recommend a nice V60-brewed mug of Buenos Aires before you head out for the day. Bright fruity flavours of redcurrant and apple jam to get you in the mood for carnival, and a buzz that’ll see you through. 

  • Taking a long Bank Holiday Sunday stroll


There’s nothing like it. Whether you’re stretching Rover’s legs or heading out to lust over everyone else’s whippets, dachshunds, and pugs, a wide stretch of green space is just the ticket. City park or expanse of countryside, it doesn’t matter – as long as there’s somewhere to pitstop for a lazy pint in the sun.

Why not start the day with something floral like El Tolu – its lavender, honey and orange notes fill get you ready for the heady, sweet scents of summertime. Ahh…

  • Making the most of it with a minibreak


You know not to squander a three-day weekend. It’s a precious, rare thing that should be milked for all the freedom it offers. B&B in Whitstable, cottage in Kent, glamping in Cornwall – whatever you’re doing, you’re going to need a bag or two of coffee to keep you going.

Grab your cafetiere, and a few bags of chocolatey Chapada. It’s the perfect thing to warm up with when the sun’s not up yet, before a day of wholesome Famous Five-esque activities. 

  • Roll out the hammock and get dozing


If you view a long weekend as the perfect opportunity to get some well-deserved rest, then good for you. Embrace it, and grab a bag of Decaffeinated Planalto to keep you drowsy. You deserve it. 

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  1. Knowing what sort of coffee to drink depending on the occasion and what you’re doing is important, especially considering different ones can have different benefits! For example, you may want a stronger coffee if you are doing something like going to a festival as you want to keep yourself feeling as awake as possible.

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