5 Things You Should Know About Mujeres Rurales de San Alberto

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1. It’s a group of 28 women

You might have read about Asomuprisma, the first women’s cooperative we started working with. But we actually met Mujeres Rurales de San Alberto first.

They formed in 2015 as a group of 25 (now 28) women who wanted to create a better quality of life for their families. And cleverly, they knew that’d be easier if they worked together – and now they’re supporting a total of 26 children. We met them in the early days but there were a few things that made them difficult to work with…


2. They’re really rural

Not ‘English countryside one-bus-an-hour’ rural. Not even ‘no phone reception until you tramp up a hill’ rural. Nope. This group is a staggering 6-hour-drive and 2-hour-hike (sorry, what?) away from the nearest town.

This makes it a little difficult to visit them, let alone to buy coffee from. But finally, after meeting them years ago, we’ve managed to do it.


3. The community is 100% self-sufficient

When you think self-sufficient, you might think in terms of The Good Life – growing your own potatoes, picking your own blackberries for a lovely crumble… but the women of San Alberto are forced to take it to a whole different level.

All they eat is what they grow. And what they grow is plantain, yuca, corn, celery, beans, sugar cane, pumkin, organe, banana, pineapple, papaya, guayaba, lulo, avocado, lemon, plátano, maíz, apio, frijol, caña, ahuyama, tomato, carrot, cucumber… in case you were wondering.


4. Their coffee is technically organic

If they don’t have access to outside food then they definitely don’t have access to chemical fertilisers. That means, through sheer necessity, their coffee is organic! Next step is to get official certification, as that means they’ll be able to sell their coffee for even more!


5. Their coffee is officially delicious

For us, it immediately gives us Swiss milk chocolate notes. A creamy mouthfeel, mild acidity, refined sugar sweetness – not dissimilar to a Milka bar! You really don’t want to miss this one – buy it here.

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