French roast coffee & cycling fever: try our Limited Edition!

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Do you hear that? The sound of helmet straps being clipped together, of spinning wheels, and La Marseillaise? Well maybe not the last one – but I think you see where we’re going.

The biggest and best (in our opinion) cycling race is back for another year. Having just kicked off across the channel, certain members of our team wheely, wheely wish they could be there to see the spectacle. Even if it was just to stand roadside with freebies! Because coffee and cycling are a great pair…

Beans and bikes: why do they go together? 

Maybe you’ve walked into a charming café once or twice, mildly horrified to find it full of lycra-clad sweaty bodies and the unmistakable scent of WD-40. 

Or maybe you’re one of those cyclists yourself! In which case you know there’s nothing better than a pitstop for a cup of something caffeinated, or topping off the day with a round of espressos. Coffee and cycling is a partnership that can’t be denied. 

Fun facts and top tips

  • Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, which reduces fatigue and promotes faster reactions and general alertness – perfect for bike racing!
  • For frequent drinkers, coffee doesn’t act as a diuretic – so during a race, there’s not a greater risk of dehydration if you chug a coffee before
  • Drink coffee one hour before riding, because that’s how long it takes to work. Or have half, and stagger the rest for longer rides – to keep boosting your energy
  • Post-ride, add a cup of coffee to your carbload. It’ll help you gain more muscle glycogen than carbs alone, which is good for recovery!

Café Maillot Jaune: a Limited Edition for the occasion

We’re such a fan of coffee and cycling as a pair, we wanted to mark the occasion the only way we know how: with a brand new Limited Edition espresso! 

Meet Café Maillot Jaune (or ‘Yellow Jersey Coffee’!) – a dark roasted espresso, with dark chocolate and fruit jam notes. You’ll notice an orange-like acidity, a creamy body, and a bigger hit of caffeine per sip!

Delicious, dark, and specifically made to celebrate the cycle tour of the year – whether you’re a speed demon yourself, or prefer a more stationary seat to enjoy your coffee.

Pact Coffee’s take on the French roast

Fittingly, we’ve taken on the French roast for this coffee. Or rather, our version of it. But what does that even mean? The French roast traditionally takes the roast into “second crack” – a point at which much of the unique characteristics of the coffee are lost, giving way to dry distillation flavours developed during the roast. 

Then a change of sweetness is normally observed, towards caramel and toast characteristics, while any acidity normally present is obliterated – needless to say, if you buy coffee with the kind of flavour potential that we do, this is all a process you’d rather avoid! 

But we can appreciate that certain dry distillation flavours have their own charms. So for this espresso, we’ve kept the French roast in mind – working with coffee that has the rigor (AKA plenty of acidity and flavour complexity) to survive these conditions. 

This has taken the roast past anything else we’ve done, embracing the caramel sweetness and rich creamy mouthfeel which can be developed – thanks to how brittle the beans become at this point. 

And don’t forget – another benefit is that this process means the beans lose their mass, while the caffeine content of each bean remains the same. That means a dose of Café Maillot Jaune will be a little more punchy than our traditional espresso.

Get on your bike, and buy now!

Celebrating cycling and trying a Pact Coffee first? Sounds like a win to us. Get your hands on a bag of Café Maillot Jaune here while you can.

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