3 Ways to Make the Most of a Rainy Bank Holiday

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Spring is spoiling us, with three bank holidays in such close succession. With one gloriously sunny one down (erm, hello climate change), it’s inevitable that there’ll be a classic ‘three days of drizzle’ among the two remaining.

But an extra day off is an extra day off. So we’ve got some top tips to help you make the very most of your long weekend, even if park barbecues and beer gardens are not an option:

  • Get creative in the kitchen

Rainy Sundays were made for baking adventures. Get up to your elbows in flour, fill the house with the smells of something delicious, and reap the benefits of your hard work afterwards!

Keep it wholesome with coffee and banana bread, classic with coffee and walnut cake, or simple with coffee shortbread. Wanna indulge? No worries, we’ve got you covered – try chocolate peanut butter cake with coffee icing, mocha brownies, or cappuccino pavlova instead.

No got a sweet tooth? Cook a killer dinner instead – like a lamb and coffee tagine, Thai BBQ coffee chicken or a stew or chilli. Yum.  

  • Host a house party

Too wet to go out and play? Invite everyone round instead! Couple of bags of crisps, the heating turned up to liveable conditions, good company and… cocktails!

We’ve got a few to get you inspired – try an elegant espresso martini, a laidback rum and chill (featuring cold brew coffee!) or invite some unseasonal festive cheer with these Christmas coffee cocktails.

Psst… just a warning, that coffee-infused cocktails means your guests won’t flag as early. So expect a long night!

  • Take refuge in a museum or gallery

There is always a risk of cabin fever, if you’re staying duvet-bound for three days. So why not force yourself out and about, to another heated building instead?

Check out what museums you have near you (the weirder, the more wonderful) or shoot out to a gallery – equipped with a KeepCup full of Pact Coffee, you’ll find it’s a great way to feel like you’ve ‘done something’ that day.

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