Top 5 Worst Last-Minute Presents (and why you should give a Pact gift voucher instead)

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1. Toiletries Gift Set

You’re on your way to a much-anticipated Christmas meal out with the gang, carrier bag full of carefully chosen gifts for your nearest and dearest friends. You’ve known them from your school days, after all! But then the group chat pings – Karen’s bringing her new boyfriend, Paul.

You can’t bestow beautifully wrapped gifts on everyone in the group except for one person. Thanks a lot, Karen… a diversion to the nearest Boots it is. Peruse the ‘shower gel and poof’ section, choose between an ironic Lynx Africa set or a slightly classy looking one, call it a day.

2. Supermarket Chocolate Box

Similar sitch. You’ve headed down early for Christmas at your other half’s childhood home. You sweated over getting something to impress their dad, brought a couple of bottles of wine ‘for the table’, wore your nice jeans – so far, so good! But the light of your life, your one and only neglected to tell you that their great aunt was coming along for the meal too. Why the sabotage?!

It’s fine – you’ve got time. Pretend you’re going out for a smoke (screw their disapproval!) and leg it to the tiny Tesco Metro. Box of Guylian shells and jobs a good’un. Yeah it’s boring and you’ll be met with “ooh, I’m more of a savoury person myself” but hey, what else could you do?

3. “IOU one back massage” type notes

So when they said they didn’t need anything for Christmas you took them at face value. Well that was stupid. Now they’ve piled up a shining array of boxes under the tree and are looking expectantly at you… uh oh.

“Wait here, don’t peek” you say – grabbing a pack of post-its and a pen. Scribbling down IOUs for breakfast in bed, dinner out, a bunch of flowers, running a bath – and desperately hoping it looks more ‘thoughtfully handmade’ then ‘I totally misjudged your expectations’. Oh well, there’s always next year… hopefully.

4. Regifted bits ‘n’ bobs

Brexit-themed joke book, bedazzled wine glass, novelty socks – gifts that only exist to be regifted. You’re giving them something they themselves can not open, store in a cupboard, and re-wrap at a later occasion. The gift of convenience. Priceless, but pointless.

5. Cash

I mean, it sounds like a good option. That’s what everyone really wants right? But when you get to point that you’re literally swapping one twenty pound note for a different one from someone else, it makes gifting anyone anything at all seem a bit redundant. And that’s the saddest thing of all. Plus, in an increasingly cashless society it’s highly likely that you won’t have a tenner on you anyway. So yeah, don’t bother.

Get them a Pact Coffee Gift Voucher

No prior preparation needed. No wrestling with wrapping paper, no need to leave the glowing cave that is your living room. Just buy online, receive by email and get in their good books! Not just incredibly convenient, this is a voucher that says “I thought about what you like and came up with this”. Not to mention that we’ll donate to Shelter* each time a voucher is purchased!

They’re happy, you’re sorted – get gifting here.


* Pact Coffee are proud to be fuelling Shelter’s emergency helpline advisers over Christmas, to support people struggling with homelessness. We will donate 50p from every Christmas product sold to Shelter*.

*All donations + VAT will be donated to Shelter Trading which donates all taxable profits to Shelter (Registered charity no. 263710).

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