The perks of being a coffee roaster

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A photo of a coffee roaster at Pact

What does a typical day at Pact Coffee look like for you?

In the mornings, after cycling to work, it’s usually straight into cupping the previous days roasts, which can be quite the caffeine hit after a big day of roasting. Then I’ll start working on the day’s roasting which will mostly fill the rest of the day. Scattered between the roasts I’ll try to make sure we have a delivery truck full of coffee on the way to us.

What measures do you put in place to ensure we send out the highest quality coffee?

We can’t take all the credit. The assurance of quality starts all the way at the farm. It takes a lot of effort for each of our farmers to produce coffee that can be marketed as Specialty Grade. The farmers ensure we only receive the ripest, defect-free beans that have been processed to a high standard.

Once we receive them at the Pact Grindhouse we have our own quality control procedures in place. Testing the green beans before roasting and then tasting each batch to ensure consistency and quality. Then finally, we make sure every bean is shipped within 7 days of roasting. Usually it’s only two!

How long have you been at Pact?

It’s two years this month.

A photo of a coffee roaster at Pact

How did you come to be a roaster?

When I started working at Pact I was working to help both the Grindhouse and the Coffee Team. Splitting my time equally between the teams. I was helping to grind, pack and ship 4-5,000 bags of coffee on a Monday, then finishing my week helping the Coffee Team roast 24 plus bags on a Friday.

As the Coffee Team started needing more help they offered to take me on full time and to teach me how to use the roaster too!

What is the most challenging part of the job?

It takes a lot to move a bag of coffee. They weigh between 60 and 70 kg each. We roast around 5,000 kg each week. Stock movement day is not something I look forward to!

What has been the highlight of your time at Pact?

Learning how to love coffee! When I joined the company I didn’t drink coffee. The smell, the taste, I just never got into it. It was about six months before I started drinking it. Straightaway I saw that everything I’d tried before was terrible and this specialty coffee stuff wasn’t too bad. Now I drink it every day for work and because I love it.

What is your current favourite coffee and brew method?

My current favourite coffee is La Laguna. But I think I’m a bit biased towards the Micro Lots that come through the roastery. They are such small amounts and have been produced with such care. We do many, many quality control tests to try and find the perfect roast.

For brew method, I tend to stick with a V60 with 30g of coffee. Pour over 500ml of water then I’ve got a cup for myself and another to make friends with!

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    1. Hi Tracey,

      Ear defenders are necessary because when everything is go in the Grindhouse – the Löring roaster dumps all of the coffee beans in the batch in one go which is loud, coffee beans get sucked up the chute which is super noisy, the roaster runs for quite a while swishing the beans around, there’s multiple grinders running at the same time, music is playing for the Grindhouse team while they pack, kilos and kilos of coffee beans being decanted at a time… all of the noise together is really really loud so can be damaging if you work there every day. That’s why they wear ear defenders!

  1. We’ll all I can say is that whatever you are doing, it’s working very well. I’ve not had one coffee yet that hasn’t been amazing from first sip to last drop. It’s easy to see the team effort and the joy of working st pact clearly shines through to the end product! Top stuff!

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  4. Wow, you guys seem fun! I’m guessing by this image that you stay pretty busy roasting coffee? I can only imagine what 5,000 lbs of roasted coffee looks like. Keep on roasting! – Jake

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