Pact HQ’s weird and wonderful Christmas traditions

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The festive season has Pact HQ abuzz with excitement and talk about our Christmas traditions. Below are the best of the bunch:

  • johnJohn from our tech team: “My mum is an artist, so she doesn’t go for a conventional tree; instead she prefers a Christmas branchAs she’s creative she always tries to go for the most interesting one, which happens to usually be at the top of the tree and involves me climbing up it to get it down for her. Also, no baubles – we have sequinned birds. The cat thinks it’s Christmas. “
  • Alice from marketing: “Every year me and my school friends watch Love Actually together while eating fish and chips with curry sauce from the local chippy. We’ve been doing this since we were 13 years old, making this year our 10th anniversary!”stephen
  • Niall, our Grindhouse supervisor: “Every year we create a ‘snowball’, which is a box covered in cotton wool with presents inside of it, and each present is attached to ribbon with a name tag on the end. Then each person holds their ribbon and together at the same time every person pulls out their present so that the ‘snowball’ explodes!”
  • Stephen, one of our roasters: “Instead of a deer, we always had a Christmas moose. His name was Blatherington on Tine and he always sat next to the clock on the mantle piece above our fireplace.”
  • Betty, from customer service: “I’m from the Czech Republic so I celebrate Christmas on December 24th and for dinner we have carp and potato salad. Also, we only put our tree up on Christmas day!”


Although Christmas traditions are not without controversy, with what we’ve dubbed as ‘cracker-gate’ being particularly contested. While some are adamant that crackers belong on the Christmas tree (Lucy from customer service: “They’re an essential part of the decorations, and come Christmas day they’re ready and waiting for you to pull them!”). Others like Poh, our marketing manager, believes they belong firmly on the dinner table, “Why would you out crackers on a tree!?!”.

Other topics we just can’t agree on are whether Yorkshire puddings have a place at Christmas dinner, or what exactly, and how much, you can put on the Christmas tree (or branch in John’s case!)?

Do you have any of your own Christmas traditions? What way do you sway on the crackers controversy?
Regardless of how you celebrate, everyone at Pact HQ wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy brewing!


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