Farmer stories: Epiphanie Mukashyaka

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Rebuilding with coffee

The story behind one of our favourite Rwandan coffee producers is one of triumph over adversity for Epiphanie Mukashyaka, a widow of the Rwandan genocide and civil war of 1994. Epiphanie took on her husband’s farm with little knowledge and built it into something remarkable.

Today, the washing stations she built process coffee cherries from as many as 7000 small farms in the Bufundo region of Rwanda, but back in 2000 the situation wasn’t so certain.

So here’s how Epiphanie went from catastrophe to sending coffee lovers in the UK some of the best coffees we’ve ever tasted.


Where did she start?

Initially, Epiphanie used the small amount she had earned from her own coffee cherries to buy cherries from other farmers in the region. By bringing them together, she ensured they got the best price possible. What was a reassuring start, hit hard times when the commodity coffee market hit an all time low.

For many years, she struggled to maintain her business in the Rwandan market, before finding hope in PEARL (Partnership to Enhance Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages). PEARL’s goal was to help Rwanda rebuild after the genocide and civil war. Their director, Tim Shilling, mentored Epiphanie, showing her ways to improve the quality of her coffee, which opened her up to the speciality market, allowing her to earn more for higher quality.

‘I came up with the idea to build this,’ she said, ‘and nothing was going to stop me’ — Epiphanie, 2003.

And then what happened?

From there, she used that knowledge to train and develop her fellow Rwandan farmers through her newly formed company, Bufcoffee. She used a loan from the Rwandan Development Bank to lay the foundations for the building of her own washing station, Nyarusiza (recognise that name?) to further engage local farmers and get them the best prices for their best beans.

With the opening of her second washing station, Remera, in 2007, she’s now the biggest employer in her community and pays higher average wages.

There’s Epiphanie on the left.

But how does the coffee taste?

Her coffees have won several prestigious awards, including the Golden Cup in 2007, and Cup of Excellence in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. Our Head of Coffee, Will, had this to say about Ngara Nyarusiza:

“I’m a big fan of the complex honey sweetness I get when I taste this coffee. It’s the same kind of sweetness that I tend to fall in love with immediately. When you combine that with the blackberry flavours and elegant acidity and it reminds me strongly of field-ripened fruit.” —Will, Head of Coffee here at Pact.

Wrapping up

So, Bufcoffee Ltd. not only produces and exports superb, award-winning coffee, it also empowers 4,608 women and coffee farmers socially and economically. Through training and by sharing information on how to increase coffee yield, they’re able to impact the local community immensely. This year, Bufcoffee is a building a roastery and a warehouse to expand its market and sell to domestic and regional markets.

We take great pride in working and trading directly with people like Epiphanie, and having a direct and tangible link with the people that produce the coffee. We share the same ideology: pay more for better quality, and treat people with dignity. We hope you enjoy the coffee all the more for knowing a bit about who produces it!

25 thoughts on “Farmer stories: Epiphanie Mukashyaka

    1. It really proves that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, even in the toughest situations!

  1. Awesome! So heart (and cup) warming, pact is fantastic for supporting her and others…off to order mine now mmmm

    1. Fully agree. Really looking forward to trying the Nyarusiza Kamegeli too, the Ngara Nyarusiza was excellent.

      1. We’re so glad you’re looking forward to it. Please let us know what you think when you’ve had a try!

    1. Thanks Nadia, we think it’s so important to let our customers know where their coffee comes from. We’re glad you enjoyed reading Epiphanie’s story!

  2. To be able to drink some of the finest coffee I have ever tasted and to purchase it from Pact Coffee who are willing to help local farmers and to be able in a small way to help people like Epiphanie makes the coffee make it taste even better.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Tony. We’re glad we’ve been able to share Epiphanie’s story with our customers, as it will make your next cup of coffee even more special.

  3. What a great story of triumph over adversity. I bet there was a lot of hard work involved. And great that you support people on the ground, rather than big business.

  4. A truly inspirational account of how Rwandan coffee growers have joined together to build up coffee production. I am due to receive a delivery of Nyarusiza Kamegeli Espresso beans on Friday and I look forward to trying them this weekend.
    It is good to have this background information on the support you are giving to coffee growers in developing markets.

  5. What an incredible story of triumph over affliction. I wager there was a great deal of diligent work included. Also, incredible that you bolster individuals on the ground, as opposed to huge business.

  6. Yet another reason to love PACT! Reading about Epiphanie (what a glorious woman, who truly felt the legacy her beautiful name!) while waiting for our second delivery of amazing coffee. Thank you to all involved 🥰

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