Is today a tretår day?

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Nordic cultures are notorious for their obsession with coffee. Perhaps it’s due to the long nights and chilly winters but the average Finnish resident consumes an average of 12kg of coffee each year — that’s compared to a humble 2.8kg annually here in the UK. What is fascinating, however is how their love for coffee has infused into Nordic language.

Picture this: it’s not quite lunchtime and you have already had your refill of Finca El Tuno but still bleary eyed and those neurons aren’t yet firing on all cylinders…

We’ve all been there. That moment when a third cup is inevitable. The Swedes would call this third cup a ‘tretår’.

Coffee Illustration.
Illustration by Wendy MacNaughton

In Swedish, the word ‘tar’ means coffee. A ‘patar’ is a second cup, or refill. So a ‘tretar’ is the third cup of coffee, or a ‘threefill’.

Coffee, Tretar
Illustration credit: Ella Frances Sanders.

So there you have it. Tretår = Three-fill.

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