Best Espresso Martini Recipe

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Pact Coffee HQ is fast becoming known for more than just great coffee and a cracking collection of old vinyl. Every time we invite members down to join us and the sun is past the yard arm, we reach for the cocktail shaker and are soon sipping espresso martinis, and doing our best to look debonair.

Espresso Martinis are a great way to kick off an evening, not least because of the heady combination of alcohol and caffeine! This is our method, honed over the past year.


You’re going to need:

– A cocktail shaker, or something with a lid & A tea strainer!

– A good vodka. We like Grey Goose, but these guys seem to disagree!

– Kahlua (Tia Maria is a good alternative)

– Espresso. If you don’t have an espresso machine, a shot of triple-strength cafetiere coffee/aeropress are good alternatives

– Golden Syrup sugar or demerara sugar

– Milk (ideally full fat)

– Plenty of ice

If you were wondering what to aim for…


– Half fill your shaker with ice

– Melt a teaspoon of sugar in a double shot of espresso (vary the sugar depending on how sweet your tooth is!)

– Pour 50ml vodka, 25ml Kahlua, 25ml milk and 50ml of coffee over the ice

Shake it like a polaroid picture. You should shake it pretty enthusiastically for at least 30 secs.

– Pour, and drink immediately! If you’re feeling snazzy, you can float a coffee bean or two in the crema.


4 thoughts on “Best Espresso Martini Recipe

  1. OMG just made this and its delish. Used cream as has some left over from strawberries. Didnt separate tho so is a very yummy coffee milkshake! Perfect for a warm sunny bank holiday.x

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